15 Apr 2009

Country walks part II

I feel like lingering on in my little personal paradise island for a bit still. The summer cottage is on an island but reachable by car all year round as the island of Noto is separated from the mainland only by a narrow channel and there's a bridge going over it. Okay there's a lot of cottages there so it's by no means my personal space apart from the plot the cottage is on, which goes all the way down to the water's edge.

This time I want to present mainly some of the tree life on that island.

Silver branches

Huggingly weird tree trunk

A giant burl on a birch tree

Interesting root. Like a woman's buttocks.

Roots of a fallen tree

Mossy roots creeping over the forest floor

Roots in a brook. Or perhaps dinosaur feet?

The leaf buds of a wild rose

Coltsfoot in the grass. Flowers within the flower.

Cattail that has dispersed nearly all of its millions of seeds

A cute tree dweller that has lost a big part of its grey winter coat. Soon it'll be all red.

A little imsy wimsy spider running on a stick

This is my older brother, who also came to the cottage for easter as his wife was in Japan on business. We don't live close and he's a very busy working architect so it was really nice to see him. We're so proud of him.

If you are interested in what Helsinki is like then you are welcome to view my new blog Helsinki Daily



Ser ut til å være en skog jeg kunne trives i! Og det er vel noe med at er man glad i skogen, er bilder av skogen alltid fascinerende. Stilig det første bildet, faktisk skvatt jeg litt, for treet ligner litt på et i "min" skog!

Edderkoppen fikk meg virkelig til å lengte etter sommer. Interessante små krapyl å fotografere! Og de lange røttene, veldig stilig! På Coltsfooten ser jeg noe jeg ikke har sett før; at frøbærerne ser ut som små blomster når de åpner seg! Så nå må jeg på ny jakt da skjønner du!! :)

Stilig bror du har da!.....oups! Han er gift ja! Jaja - that's life!

Tammie Lee said...

You have some wonderful images in this post. I really like the tree and root photos!

George said...

Your island looks like a perfect getaway. I can understand why you like it so much.

Ebie (The Main-Ingredient) said...

Your trees are just so wonderful! Its like telling a beautiful story!

Linnea W said...

Your brother is CUTE! Now to the island...wonderful place to escape the city. I'm looking forward to seeing some more shots from your little slice of paradise! Love that little squirrel like creature...

chrome3d said...

Todella kaunista saaristoluontoa. Kyllä tuo itsensä ympärille kiertynyt puu oli hilpeä!

hpy said...

De krypande rotterna far mig att tanka pa en av Muminbockerna, dar traderna blev radda for havet och stormen och krop ivag! Nog for att stormen ar varre ute i de yttersta skaren an inne i kustoarna.

Pacey said...

What a beautiful tree with a great story. I love that squirrel and that man...ooopppss...joking! LoL!

Louise said...

The squirrel is just the cutest thing. And I love the roots and gnarled wood!

Arija said...

Your nature photos are just wonderful. I love the tree details and the mossy fingers creepimg over the ground and red squirrels have always been a favourite of mine.