26 Nov 2009

Sky watch Friday - Over the coal harbour

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Long time no see

Yup! It's been a while. Suddenly I felt the urge to put in a few shots here. Dunno why.
Life is busy with three dogs and frequent visits to the forum for Spanish rescue dogs. So all other netting has been put on hold.
A bit unfortunate but perhaps I'll get into it slowly again. At least for a few of my favourite sites.
Anyway, here are some shots from this past time that I have been absent. I just thought of a reason too. Right now it's so damp, dark, murky and muddy - absolutely boring in fact - that some more colour is needed into this drab existance. What better way to do it than remembering the summer and early autumn gone.

Mist over the bay one September morning

A little lake

Part of the Fagervik bay

The seagull and the boat house

My bathing beauty

A sprinkler in action

Bubbles on the bottom of a pond

An idyllic summer scene

A power plant in the evening sun

The summer brook

A droplet

Another droplet

A third droplet

Streaming part of river

On a rowing trip

Another river scene

As it turns out it ended up beeing a rather wet post anyway. Well, these kinds of waters are more pleasant, I think, than the endless drizzle from the sky.