6 Apr 2009

Lintulöpinää ... Bird talk

Tänään Helsingin vanhan kaupungin mahtavalla koskella
Today at the Helsinki old town mighty waterfall

(This is for you in particular George and Betsy)

Naurulokki sanoo: "Oho. Tais työaika jo alkaa."
Black headed gull sais: "Oh dear. Duty calls."

Rannanvartijat! Naurulokki ja kalalokki.
Shore guards! Blackheaded gull and common gull.

Koskelo toiselle koskelolle: "Pahus kun noi vartijat on niin tarkkana. Miten tästä nyt pääsis salaa rantautumaan?"
Goosander to other goosander: "Darn that those guards should be so alert. How could we unnoticed sneek ashore?"

"Kutisevaa hommaa tää vartinointi."
"Itchy work this guarding lark."

"Hei sinä, iso mies. Nyt ois ruokatunnin paikka."
"Hey you, big guy. It's time for lunch hour."

Changing of guards.

Naaras koskelo tovereilleen: "Hei tyypit. Siellä on nyt vain yksi vartija."
Female goosander to her group: "Hey guys. There's only one guard now."

"Tehdään rynnäkkö."
"Let's make a dash for it."

Sillä välin lounaspaikalla...
Meanwhile at the luncheon place...

"Hei tyyppi, mitä sä meinaat? Tää on mun pöytä."
"Hey dude, what are you up to? This is my table."

"Pysy nahoissas kaveri. Tähän viereenhän mä menossa olinkin."
"Keep your feathers on mate. I was going to this next table."

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Hehe - takkk for en god latter! Visste ikke at du kunne snakke fuglespråket - men jammen ser det sånn ut ja!

Og det første bildet til George er jo bare praktfullt! Skikkelig driv og kraft i det der!

George said...

I enjoyed your sequence of bird pictures. Thank you for thinking of us with the waterfall picture. I would sure like to see it in person!

Lilly said...

These are fantastic.

hejoko said...

Olet varmaan ottanut tuon ylimmän kuvan kävelysillalta. Vieläkö siinä on ruosteiset kaiteet ja puu jalan alla haisee vuoristoradalle;D

Lindab said...

Fun sequence! And presumably all that boiling caramel coloured water is melted snow?

Judy said...

I am so glad the rest of us can admire that waterfal, too! It is wonderful!!I can almost hear the noise of it!
And the bird sequence is too cute!! Love your sense of humour!

hpy said...

Boat people, but without boats and no risk for drowning. A good series.

Bim said...

Love the brown waterfall. The birds are great fun, too.

fishing guy said...

Tarolino: What a beautiful falls and your bird photos are striking.

Neat music on your player.

Happily Retired Gal said...

Lovely waterfowl sequence and commentary. Thanks for the translations ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Carrizo said...

Guess what. I loved also that waterfall picture. It is great.