23 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas from winter wonder land

Hope you all have a wonderful and festive season and good luck for 2010

26 Nov 2009

Sky watch Friday - Over the coal harbour

Sky Watch Friday is a very popular meme that is hosted by Klaus, Sylvia, Sandy, Louise, Wren and Fishing Guy. To view some wonderful skies or participate in the meme just click on the above banner.

Long time no see

Yup! It's been a while. Suddenly I felt the urge to put in a few shots here. Dunno why.
Life is busy with three dogs and frequent visits to the forum for Spanish rescue dogs. So all other netting has been put on hold.
A bit unfortunate but perhaps I'll get into it slowly again. At least for a few of my favourite sites.
Anyway, here are some shots from this past time that I have been absent. I just thought of a reason too. Right now it's so damp, dark, murky and muddy - absolutely boring in fact - that some more colour is needed into this drab existance. What better way to do it than remembering the summer and early autumn gone.

Mist over the bay one September morning

A little lake

Part of the Fagervik bay

The seagull and the boat house

My bathing beauty

A sprinkler in action

Bubbles on the bottom of a pond

An idyllic summer scene

A power plant in the evening sun

The summer brook

A droplet

Another droplet

A third droplet

Streaming part of river

On a rowing trip

Another river scene

As it turns out it ended up beeing a rather wet post anyway. Well, these kinds of waters are more pleasant, I think, than the endless drizzle from the sky.

28 Sep 2009

Luonnon ihmeitä ... The wonders of nature

Olen ollut vieläkin kovasti varattuna toisaalla ja osasyynä on siihen alla oleva suurin ihme kaikista. Hän on uusi karvainen vauvani. Espanjan poika Rufino tuli ja valloitti pikku kokoonpanomme yhdellä silmäyksellä. Hurmaava, avoin, leikkisä ja pusutteleva nuori mies. Nyt koiria onkin sitten triplasti.

I have been occupied elsewhere still and partly it is because the biggest wonder of them all below. He is my new hairy baby. The spanish boy Rufino came and conquered our little flock in one glance. He is charming, open, playfull and full of kisses this young fellow. Now I have triplets.

Tässäpä ovatkin kaikki kolme ... Here we have all three

Vaan on niitä muitakin luonnon ihmeitä tullut kuvattua ... All the same I have caught other wonders of nature on camera too

Peuraperhe ... A deer family

Joutsenperhe ... A swan family

Hyönteinen, joka meni vähän solmuun ... An insect that got himself in a muddle

Toinenkin hyönteinen ... Another insect

Nättejä rantakukkia ... Pretty seaside flowers

Lentomuurahaisia ... Flying ants

Liskovauva ... A lizard baby

ja aikuinen ... and a grown up one

Sammakkovauvoja ... Frog babies

ja aikuinen ... and a grown up one

Harjoittelevat hanhet ... Geese in training

Yksittäinen peura ... A lone deer

Ruusunmarjoja ... Rose berries

Raparperin lehti ... A rhubarb leaf

Kiitos todellakin teille ihanille kommentoijille. Yritän ehtiä visiitille jonakin päivänä.
Thankyou to all you wonderful commentators. I shall try to pay you a visit one of these days.

17 Sep 2009

Yltäkylläisyyden kausi ... The season of plenty

Vielä on ripaus kesääkin jäljellä ... Still a smidgeon of summer is left too

Vaan pikkuhiljaa luonto valmistautuu pimeään kauteen ... Still the nature does slowly prepare for the dark season

Monta ihmeellistä asiaa voi luonnossa nähdä ... Many strange things can be seen in nature

Nämä muurahaiset ovat käyttäneet katajanmarjoja kekomateriaalina ... These ants have used juniper berries as building material for their ant hill