21 Apr 2009

My World Tuesday - Nature parade

This week I'll not concentrate on architecture as there is just so much happening in nature that it deserves a presentation. A lot of photos are not of any beauty value as they are taken just so far away but nevertheless I want to record what I have seen and when as the spring moves forward so fast.

Here on a plowed farmer's field the Great Snipes had arrived and were feeding around a puddle of melted snow

In the same field were also many Lapwings that have been quite rare in resent years due to the ditches from fields dissapearing as they all seem to be more and more drained underground and so they have no nesting sites.

The Pied Wagtails had arrived already at Easter.

A load of Canada Geese that have stopped to feed on another field

Also the deer come more out in the open during the last of the daylight. This is a male Whitetail Deer. Would that be buck?

Here we have a female or is it a hind?

The Cormorants have arrived too.

As have the Great Crested Grebes

This is two flying male Goldeneye ducks looking for females.

Here we have a pair of Goosanders landing on water.

A pair of Mute Swans has established the shore where our summer cottage is as their territory after a lot of flapping and posing to a rival pair.

These Goosanders and Goldeneyes had already paired up and are planning to nest just outside the water's edge at our cottage too.

We have these reedbeds there so we always get a lot of nesting seabirds around our area. Having said that, just like many smaller birds, Goldeneyes often nest in hollow trees. We have such a tree in our yard. It's a very tall pine and was originally hollowed out by a Woodpecker but now Goldeneyes have used it for many years and squirrels use it as a winter nest too cleaning out all the down etc. left by the birds when autumn comes.

A lot of flying about is happening at the moment. Here is some Mallard ducks in flight

Here we have two male and one parcially showing female Eider.

In the tree a Hooded Crow shelters from the cold wind while the Seagull embraces it.

The Gulls kept doing a lot of aerial acrobatics.

As you can see the bay where our cottage lies was still parcially frozen in the middle last weekend. That yellow house is not our cottage but on the opposite side from our shoreline.

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Ser du er opptatt med "birding" om dagen! :) Jeg sliter med det der jeg.....får ikke festet en fugl på kamera - de flakser avgårde så fort jeg tar i kameraet! Så jeg vet alt om hvordan det er å knipse fugler!

Flott samling du har her! At du greier å knipse en linerle/Pied Wagtails så klart og nært er helt ubegripelig for meg! Og et par av fuglene dine i flukt er utrolig fine! Og så er jeg litt imponert over at du kan navnet på alle sammen, til og med på engelsk. Kan ikke alle navnene på norsk engang....Hva er en Cormorants??
Ser noe kjent - men aner ikke hva det kan være!

Ha en flott dag min venn!

fishing guy said...

Tarolino: Those are simply beautiful captures of the animals of your world. I love your photos.

My grandson was thrilled to have found the tails.

Esther Garvi said...

Jag ÄLSKAR när naturen är full av djur som kvittrar och rör sig. Saknar fåglarnas kvitter under vintern, det blir så stilla, så stilla. Älskar att vakna upp till fågelsång när vi sover ute på verandan här i Afrika!
Hur har ni det med älgar föresten? Inget ridbart djur, men nästan lika stora som kameler!

Lanny said...

There appears to be a lot of flap over spring and it's occuring right outside your door! Saltwater fascinates me! I so enjoy going out to our various sea sides in our area. I have often wished I could live for a full year right at sea side to really become aquainted with it all. What a wonderful setting your cottage is in. Thank you for sharing it.

Mojo said...

How strange that it would freeze in the middle rather than at the edges. I guess the heat transfer from the land does that, eh?

I thought snipes were a mythical animal. Here, being taken (or sent) on a "snipe hunt" is a practical joke. Basically you leave the "victim" out in the woods with a canvas bag waiting for the snipe to come along, telling them to pounce on the creature when it comes for the "bait" (which can be just about anything since the snipe is a myth to begin with). The idea is to see how long they'll sit out there waiting before they either figure out they've been had or give up.

I never knew there were actual animals by that name... all these years I thought they were a fictitious creature.

Tarolino said...

That's a funny story and especially since they really do exist. The foolers have been fooled.

Niinuska said...

Västäräkistä vähäisen! Ihania kuvia! Luonto alkaa todella herätä nyt ja kaikki tuoksuu niin hyvältä! =)

chrome3d said...

Lintujen laskeutuminen veteen oli juuri oikealla hetkellä. Tuo oli kanssa hieno melkein Lappimainen maisema missä lokki syleili tuulta.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Tarolino your photos are beautifl, full of colour bright and nature, I must say wow!
Love them all.
Have a great week.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then “The Blog”

Judy said...

Whitetails come in bucks and does. I guess they have been imported to Finland, rather than being native. Strange to think of the transfer going that way - usually you hear of the Old World animals that have come to the new world.
You have been catching so many birds in flight!! I am quite impressed, even moreso after my mostly failed attempts!