6 Apr 2009

My World Tuesday - Seaside architecture

I seem to be totally stuck on architecture for this meme but then there are so many others where nature photography is more appropriate.

I'm not saying these modern buildings have much of interest value in themselves but they are part of my world as much as quaint old buildings. Those of you with a good sense of imagination can just imagine a small sandy beach behind the rock formation there. That of course is rather handy for the people living in that tower block. They can just drape themselves in a dressing gown, take the lift downstairs, go for a swim and return to sit on their balcony in private to enjoy a cold drink whilst looking out on the bay.

Melting sea but not really icefree yet

On the opposite side are some lower white terraced houses and slightly higher four story buildings behind them. That's where the seaside promenade goes towards the marina. Before the marina is another little beach with a cafe and changing rooms.

Here is still a corner of that area, which was actually a watery area but was filled up and built on. Another day and the wheather not so nice. The melt water has been drawn into the ice, as you can see, and further melting process put on hold as the temperature got chillier with the clouds. Behind the houses is a bridge going over a narrow part of the bay which only spans for about another kilometre up land from that point turning eventually into a narrow river.

Here is a house that is built on a hill so I see it most evenings when walking my dogs around the riding stable valley and it catches the evening sun quite nicely.

At the same time I'd like to take this opportunity to whish everyone a happy Easter.

I'll still be in town for a couple of days but then we'll head to the cottage for a few days. I can hardly wait, especially as I'm in charge of my neighbour's two dogs as well and four dogs on a leash in town is rather tricky at times.

The neighbour went to Rome just as that horrible earth quake happened a hundred kilometres from Rome. Luckily they are not in danger.
I just feel very sad for all the families of the people who died and also those who lost their homes.

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Thankyou to the My World team once again for this popular Tuesday meme

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Ida said...

Flotte bilder fra din del av verden.
I likhet med oss i Norge, så lever dere i Finland på en fredelig plett i verden. Begge landene har heldigvis ikke så store og mange naturkatastrofer heller.
Vi er heldige.
Tankene mine går også til de lidende menneskene i Italia i dag.

Ønsker deg en god tur til hytta og en riktig god påske.
Klem fra meg.

Guy D said...

Everytime I hear the Grease music I know I am in for something special, great Myworld post.

Have a great week!
Regina In Pictures

Martha said...

Thank you for a peak into your world. It looks very nice.

erin said...

lovely shots ... whether buildings new or old they still are part of the overall landscape...these look pretty nice in the overall picture of things though i do so dislike overbuilding.

have a great evening.

stop by my blog if you've a chance. i have been posting photos of my february trip through the countryside of italy.

Mojo said...

What a gorgeous coastline. Very dramatic, but I guess you get that when it's cut by a glacier, huh? Could do without all the fancy high rise buildings, but I guess that's the price of fame, eh?

fishing guy said...

Tarolino: Yes, these are really nice building by the sea.

SandyCarlson said...

Talk about a beautiful place. Those buildings are very interesting in that landscape.

Louise said...

I love the architecture. It looks so clean and modern.

ms toast burner said...

I had to laugh when you described the tower block residents slipping out for a swim and then in the next paragraph, "Melting sea but not really icefree yet"... I know you meant they swim in the summer... at least I hope so! heehee... :-)

Beautiful photos. You have a very nice world.

Arija said...

I somehow do not think they will be heading down in their dressing gowns yet to have that swim!
Enjoy your time at the cottage and a very happy Easter to you with all those dogs.

Carrizo said...


You are doing great job when presenting our architecture. I love mostly the first one.

I wish to You happy Easter in Your cottage.

Anonymous said...

Upean postin jaksat aina tehdä, nyt jäin ihmettelemään, mistä rannasta nämä kuvat ovat.
Mukavaa "mökkeilyä" ja hyvää pääsiäistä Sinullekin !

hpy said...

Beautiful pines growing on that "hill". They seem to be able to grow anywhere!

chrome3d said...

Hieno paikka ja sopii teemaan mainiosti. Hauskaa pääsisäistä!

Titania said...

I like to see the modern buildings hugging the sea shore. I think this architecture suits Finland very well. I look at Finland as a very 'avant guarde' country, I do not really know why, perhaps, because there are some snazzy designs from Finland finding their way to us.
Enjoy your holidays and a happy easter to you. T.

Judy said...

The first photo is the one that appeals to me the most. Just the contrast between the soft curves of the rocks, and the austere lines of the apartment building.
Enjoy your weekend with the whole pack! Walk and take lots of photos!

George said...

Thank you for sharing this pretty corner of your world. It looks like a lovely bay.

Lindab said...

Until I saw the ice I thought it looked rather Mediterranean.