25 Apr 2009

Bird stories

This is a sort of way of getting use of all those bird shots I've got into lately. Somehow they lend themselves quite easily to cartoons with a bit of imagination. Or what do you think?

The Coote story

Party Pooper:

The Swan stories

Vanity Fair:

Vanishing court:

The Grebe stories

The Groom:

Bermuda Triangle:

The Adultery:

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Pacey said...

Hi, Am back here Tarolino. Thank you for dropping by at my blog.

Ha! Beautiful stories. I love them all and you are one with great humor. And you have another new wonderful face here, with a new header, sidebar and blogging style. I've missed much of your posts.

Mary Elizabeth said...

Talorino I just love these stories, wonderful. All photos are beautiful, really really lovely post.
Have a great weekend.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

George said...

I just love the captions you've given your photos. Each story is a gem! Thanks for sharing these.

Ebie said...

How many Swans-a-Dancing? Beautiful photos and narratives too!

Judy said...

The stories are so funny! I can't get at the last two, but will try again later. And the photos are so great, too! I really envy you the swans! I only see the captive ones, so they never fly, and I have wanted to see that for years!!!

Carrizo said...

Those were nice postcards.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.