21 Aug 2009

Elä ja anna toisten kuolla ... Live and let die

Pienten saalistajien elämää ... The life of small preditors

20 Aug 2009

Sky watch Friday N:o 58

Sky Watch Friday is a very popular meme that is hosted by Klaus, Ivar, Sandy, Louise, Wren and Fishing Guy. To view some wonderful skies or participate in the meme just click on the above banner.

Allthough I've been quite absent of late from the blogworld apart from a few personal posts I've not stopped being fascinated by the sky. Hence I thought of making an entry for this week.

Over the rock face

More rocks

Hillside view

Over the reeds

7 Aug 2009

Kesämökkinäkymiä ... Summer cottage views

Tervetuloa Lindheimiin ... Welcome to Lindheim

Etupihaa ... Front garden

Vierastupa ... Guest house

Lisää etupihaa ... More from the front

Kaksoismännyt ... Twin pines

Katolta katsottuna ... Seen from the roof

Aidan vierustaa ... By the fence

Osa kivikkoryhmää ... Part of the rockery

Toinen puoli kivikosta ... More of the rockery

Takapiha ja lampi ... Back garden and the pond

Sama toiselta kantilta ... The same from another view point

Aurinkoterassin reunus ... The edge of the sun terras

Toinenkin reunus ... The other edge too

Kalliot ... The rocks

Maksaruohoja ... Sedum

Alapuutarhaa ... The lower garden

Laituri ja soutuvene ... The board walk and rowing boat

Lucia laiturilla ... Lucia on the board walk

Lucia lammella ... Lucia by the pond

Äitini nauttimassa kesästä ... My mother enjoying the summer