20 Apr 2009

Today's Flowers No 36 - Natural and garden varieties

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Finally during Easter there were some natural flowers other than Coltsfoot flowering, even if it still is very cold for the time of year. Nights go below zero. Also in our cottage garden some development had started to happen.

Here is first my wild flower section

The above mentioned Coltsfoot. Like little suns in the dried grass.

Blue woodanenemies. As the name suggests they grow in the woods and require dappled light to florish. They always come out before the leaves on the trees. Later on we'll have the white ones too.

New fresh leaves of some seaside plant. Don't quite know which one but the leaves are pretty.

Flowering Alder tree

Then we have the cultivated section:

Many crocuses had alreade come up. They don't so much mind the cold.

In front is a lot of tulip leaves but no flowers yet. There are different varieties in that bed flowering from May to mid June.

The snow drops are usually the first to come and the ones we have are not planted there but just appeared one year and have multiplied on their own since then. Must have been seeded by some bird.

Close up of Snowdrop

Also Daffodil leaves are showing up in the spring border but not yet flowering so I bought a pot of miny daffs to brigten up the day. In the autumn I'll plant the bulbs in the ground but as of yet they are still flowering very well due to the chilly wheather.

Close up on daffodil

In the same pot also grows some Pearl Hyacinths (no idea if that is the correct name)

This is how they look like before the flowers open. We have many of these too in the cottage but they also come up a bit later on free land allthogh the leaves are well visible.

The first Scilla were already in flower but not quite opened up yet so I did not take a picture of them.

I cannot resist putting in one more picture of my Easter cactus. It's still flowering nicely.

Close up of cactus flower.

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Inkivääri said...

Ihana keväinen kukkakavalkadi täällä:) Leskenlehti on niin kaunis ja ilahduttava keväällä, vaikka kukaan ei haluakaan sitä kukkapenkkiin8)


Så fint å ha deg på nett igjen da! Uvant det der, at det ikke skjer noe her på siden din!:) Og du har knipset noen nydelige vårblomster! Er det ikke deilig å finne dette overalt nå? Flotte de krokusene - og påskeliljene var vakkert knipset! Og så ble jeg litt misunnelig på påskekaktusen din, med så intens nydelig rosa!
Forresten er blåsippan din fin også, bare så du vet det! Men jeg var litt heldig med de med flere farger - det var kjempegøy å finne!

Det er ikke særlig varmt i dag her heller. I helgen var det varmt i sola - men idag ligger det et tykt dekke av skyer over hele byen. Søren også - er så trøtt av det grå været!

Og den utfordringen din kommer ettethvert - ser det er flere som ønsker seg litt tid. Har litt problemer med å komme meg til sjøen for tiden - men kanskje til helgen!!??

Sisko said...

Aivan upeita kuvia!

Titania said...

Despite the cold, spring is really on its way. The delicate wildflowers are tough little buddies to be so bold under still freezing conditions. Crocus are the chief harbingers of spring. It must be such a pleasure to see them emerging and then admire in all their glory. The easter cactus is a real show piece ready for the bench of the flowershow. A great colourful post.

Libby Murphy said...

You have beautifully captured the exquisite blooms. That Easter Cactus is a real show stopper.
Happy Twirls from the USA

Denise said...

I have enjoyed your post very much. All stunning, exquisitely beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them with Today's Flowers.

Zilga said...

Upeaa kevään kukkasatoa olet jo saanut kuvata. Kaunista värien hehkua.

hpy said...

Da jag bodde i Finland var det sallan jag kom ut till landet sa tidigt pa varen att jag hann se tulpaner, scillor och narcisser blomma, och i Helsingfors fanns det kanske inte sa mycket av dem, men visst vaxte det tulpaner genom snon nere vid Tolo viken, och tussilago sag man forstas vid landsvagskanterna. Tussilago har jag inte sett har i Normandiet, och narcisserna har sa gott som blommat ut redan. Tulpanerna lyser daremot vackert roda hos mig annu. Och julkaktusen kastar jag snart ut - den ar annu torrare an vanligt (och jag ar mycket dalig med krukvaxter.)
Ha en skon tisdag. I morgon svarar jag pa din lek (antagligen).

Michele said...

Oh nice, so pretty!!! Your macro is outstanding!
I have seen crocuses but no wildflowers in the forest floors just yet.
We are expecting more snow towards the end of the week. I hope they are mistaken.

Judy said...

Oh, Tarolino! This post is simply breathtaking!! I have gone through it all three times now, and will have to go through another couple of times!!
The alder flowers are such lovely colours! I never would have thought! And I am still trying to get a decent photo of my coltsfoot. I think I will have to take an afternoon walk...
The macro of the interior of the crocus is incredible! I have been staring at it, trying to think of words that could come close to describing it! I like the soft yellow crocuses, too. The bright yellow ones are beautiful but these are just more mellow! Here, we call it a grape hyacinth, and I have loved them since I was a child! But your photo is lovely!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Anenome blanda (Grecian windflowers) grow to about 10 centimetres tall. I leave the tubers in the ground all winter.

Lanny said...

Your Easter cactus persistant performer! I really enjoyed you shots of the flowers it is amazing what a close look reveals.