9 Apr 2009

Today's fur and feathers

Today I noticed that the swans had returned as I walked to the seashore, were a little bit of water had gotten icefree.

Swans mate for life and here is a well established pair, that resided in the same spot last year and had a healthy clutch of eight offspring that all made it to adult size.

At this point they just seemed to have a flock of mallards continuously following them about. One male mallard kept standing by the female swan and stretching his neck ever so much. I wonder if he thought that she might mistake him for a little funny coloured swan with that long neck of his. He just kept doing it for ages.

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this cute little male sparrow, that sat inside a rose bush. Isn't he just adorable.

My friend the pleasant pheasant just gets more and more colourful and yet he's still alone and keeps shreaking out his desire for a mate.

I think this is some kind of trush but I could not really find out the exact english name. Song trush is what it is in finnish (I think). The belly side seems a bit dark for that but there's no other bird I could find that would fit the bill either and the bird sat in the shadow amongst the pine branches. It would be about the right time of year for these to arrive now.

Remember the smooth and delicately pink brested woodpigeons in love from last week. Well it seems love is rough business for some. There's not much of the debonair look left now.

Here's the other party.

On the way to the shore I saw my bearded mate. He still makes me smile. That was perhaps quite inappropriate at that point. He seemed to be suffering of the most horrendeous hangover. And yet ... smile I did.

This is neither fur nor feathers and yet it looks like one or the other if not a combination of the two. A reed ready to disperse its seeds to the winds of the world.

I met my friend with her golden boy on the way and had to reproduce his handsome face too.

May I present Eli Goldenlines, who always lovingly nibbles my hand when we meet.

Two other dogs caught my attention while I was walking. Both tied down to a tree a few metres apart waiting for their owners. As one returned but not the other I can say owners rather than owner. I thought they were so cute that my camera just appeared in front of my face like it had a will of its own.

Here's one who's owner did return quite quickly ...

... and here's the one who's owner was nowhere in sight at that moment.

In all fairness perhaps I should introduce my two little temporary foster kids too.

This is Nelli and all I can say is that even princesses get dirty sometimes.

Vilma is no princess. She's a regular tomboy. I just gave her a trim because she resembled a troll more than a dog before.

As long as I got into it I might as well continue with a couple of recent profile pictures of my own two.

As you can see Ljuba has also been trimmed into summer shape.

Luca has not got this mop of hair any longer either but I trimmed him the day after these photos, ie. today.

Quite a job to get all three trimmed short but it's done now.

We are now going to the cottage on Friday. I'll be taking my laptop with me but the signal there is really weak so most likely I can only read my mail and blogs but not really post anything nor comment very much on other blogs. We'll have to see how it goes.

If you are interested in what Helsinki is like then you are welcome to view my new blog Helsinki Daily


Leena said...

Olipa paljon katsomista ja hyvää sekä nautittavaa sellaista, kiitokset kovasti!
Varpunen on ihana,mutta ihanuuksia löytyi myös koirista.Meillä oli Cavalier kingcharlesinspanieli Nekku ja nyt on Kiki kultainen. Tällä hetkellä olen tyttären talossa, jossa majailee valkoinen pieni ärhäkkä Italiano ( en muista rotua )
ja eilen ulkoilutin pojan perheessä majaillutta Veetiä ( http://leejattas.aminus3.com ), joten eläinten keskellä elellään.

Osaat kyllä upeita eläinkuvia ottaa!
Hyvää pääsiäisviikonloppua sinulle!

hpy said...

You do love dogs! Itse olen kissaihmisia.

Ida said...

Veldig fine bilder!!! :)))

George said...

Thanks for these wonderful pictures of all your feathered and furry friends.

Judy said...

Wonderful photos! Ljuba doesn't even look like the same dog after her haircut! Luca does, though! Vilma even has mud in her eyebrows! That is so funny! And you have wild swans! The only ones I have seen are kept in pens over the winter, and released again in the spring. I like that little sparrow, all windblown!! And the black stranger - all curls except his face!