30 Mar 2009

My World Tuesday - Back to base

Previously I have taken you east and I have taken you west from where I live. I have now returned back to base and here are a few of those buildings that are situated very nearby indeed. Some old others new. Different styles.

This old millhouse is situated by the rapids close to the Espoo manor, which was featured a few weeks back. I beleive it served as a way of getting electricity but is now empty inside. The water still runs through it.

Here is an old school building close by. It still functions as a school for first graders.

This is a modern detached house close to one of my favourite walks on some granite hills dropping down to the sea on one side. The style is rather a combination between modern and traditional. The roof design is a very traditional type of roof. Not only does it allow for more ceiling space on the second floor but the snow falls of the roof a lot easier than if it was plain V-shaped.

Here is a cluster of detached modern houses along the seaside walk. Detached, as I said, they are but the gardens aren't huge, as you can gather. I call them the mushroom houses, because to me they resemble mushrooms growing in the woods.

This old building I like very much. Unfortunately the family owning it probably had a shortage of money at one stage and so they sold a big chunk of land around the property, which was quickly built up with new modern and very expensive houses. That spoilt the overall view of this beautiful old house by the sea quite significantly. I left the new houses out of the picture on purpose.

Finally here is a row of newish terraced houses along a narrow street passing the Laurinlahti bay on the other side of the mushroom houses above.

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Mellow Yellow Monday N:o 12 - All the good things

When you think that the spring most definately is due
but the picture outside your windows just makes you feel blue
Then there's surely but only one thing to do
Surround yourself with colour that'll chase away the gloom

Capsicums will do
Healthy they are too

Just a little treat
A mouthwatering sweet

Last years Mother's day lily has got flowers
That alone has pretty fine mental healing powers

Bright and beautiful spring flowers in people's kitchens
Chase away the blues from their unspringlike existens

The sight and tender scent of the layered rose
Fits in your vision and right under your nose

If that's not enough, then what more can I say
Some amusement can be had also from picture play

Now you go and chase away the blues by visiting the below site, which is hosted by Drowsey Monkey

29 Mar 2009

Earth Hour 28th March 2009

Half an hour to Earth Hour

At 20.30 the street lamps outside went dark

During Earth Hour

I was spending it with friends. We had a candlelit dinner. What could be nicer.

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Today's Flowers No 33

As I was saying last week today's flowers for me would most likely be tulips. Outdoors is a drab picture. Heavy snow falls all night last night. Melting again today to a wet slush but certainly put the approaching spring on hold - again.
Well luckily we can enjoy the flowers indoors.

Are you into flowers? If so, then this is the site for you.

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Sunday Scenery - Views to sea

Sunday Scenery is hosted by Tarheel Ramblings. Pay a visit, why don't you.

26 Mar 2009

Sky Watch Friday N:o 37 - Shades of blue

Glorious skies are only a click away so move the curser to the above banner and press once.

Last week I had shades of yellow. This week I move onto another main colour in the spectrum of the sky.

Usually I prefer simple pictures but this time I thought of posting one a bit busier version.

A jackdaw in fleight


Self portrait

Like it was flowering

A field of ice

Night blue

Thanks to the whole SWF team for this immensly popular Friday meme

Tunnustus ... Recognition

Minua on taas hellitty uudella tunnustuksella. Olen niin otettu tästäkin ja aina jaksan ihmetellä miten tällainen amatööri voi saada joltakin niin luovalta henkilöltä kuin tämänkin tunnustuksen antaja tällaisen suosionosoituksen.

Tunnustuksen antoi Zilga, jonka oma blogi on vallan upea. Kannattaa todella käydä tutustumassa Zilgan uskomattoman luovuuden tuotteisiin hänen blogissaan. Zilga on siis taiteilija, joka kykenee luomaan upeita töitä vaikka mistä materiaaleista ja lähes kaikilla medioilla.

Ymmärtänette, että häneltä saatu tunnustus on suuri kunnia.

This award was handed to me by an exceptional lady Zilga who has a wonderful blog and is a real artist. She can create artwork from almost anything. I highly recommend a visit to her blog to view her amazing art. It was a great honour to receive this award from her.


Tässä on lista blogeista joille haluan tämän tunnustuksen ojentaa. Valinta oli todella vaikea. Niin todella moni muukin tuli mieleeni

Here is the list of blogs I'd like to forward this award to. The choice was really difficult. So many more sprang to mind.

Valkyriens Fotoblogg, Norway
Authorblog, Australia
Kastanjetti, Finland
Periferialife, Finland
The Rocky Mountain Retreat, Canada
Senior Moments, Tennessee, USA
Photos from Finland, Finland
HPY, France
Today's Blah, Philippines
East Gwillimbury WOW, Canada


Oikeastaan tunnustus tulee jakaa eteenpäin kahdeksalle blogilla mutta en vaan kyennyt pitämään listaa niin pienenä.

Actually you are meant to give this award to eight new blogs but I just did not manage to reduce the list any further.

25 Mar 2009

Purple Day 26th March - Epilepsy Awareness

This one time I shall overlook my decision not to post anything old and out of place for the season we are in at the moment in this blog of mine.

The reason is this:

If you have something purple to wear then wear it tomorrow. I unfortunately don't own anything purple so instead I will let my blog wear something purple today and tomorrow in honour of so many sufferers and especially one very special person and friend.

So here is a purple memory from last summer in support of all you epilepsy sufferers around the world and for the rest of us to become aware of this harsh illness.

This is for you Michele, the bravest of the brave Rocky Mountain girl with an exceptionally special artistic talent.

24 Mar 2009

Watery Wednesday N:o 28 - Ice, droplets and bubbles

This is Watery Wednesday. Put your wellies on, push your canoe out on the water, open your umbrella, stick your bikinis on and join in with the wet world.

This image was taken a week or so back and it is totally gone now. I had this motive in my outdoor plantbox were a drain had kept dripping water on it from the upstairs balcony.

To me it's like a lady with a scarf on her head walking in an ice forest. I wonder, do you see it?

Already then it was drip drip dripping away

Trying to catch a droplet just as it falls. I just never did.

The bubbles below were formed on a lake were a stream runs down into it.

Taken with two different filters. Hence the difference in colour. The real colour was somewhere in between.

Thankyou to the WW host 2sweetnsaxy for this meme


Kop kop kop.
"Kuka siellä?"
"Se olen minä. Kevätlapsi."
Avaan oven ja siinä hän on, tuo suloinen pieni kevään tyttö, jonka hiukset ovat kultaa auringosta ja hengitys tuoksuu vastaleikatulta ruoholta.
"Tulin vain kertomaan että nyt ei mene kauaa kun olen jo kokonaan täällä. Pieniä valmisteluja pitää minun vielä tehdä."
"Voi rakas kevätlapsi kuinka sinua olen odottanutkaan."
"Toin tuliaisiakin. Tällaista pientä esimakua."

Knock knock knock.
"Who's there?"
"It is I, the spring child."
I open the door and there she stands that sweet little girl with hair of gold from the sun and a breath that smells like newly cut grass.
"I just came to tell you that it won't be long now before I will be here alltogether. I have some small details to arrange before that."
"Oh dearest spring child how I have been waiting for you."
"Look I brought you some presents too. A small taste of what's to come."

Tässä nuo tuliaiset ovat ... Here are those presents she brought

Seuraavana aamuna:
Kop kop kop.
Ryntään ovelle ajatellen, että ihana kevätlapsi siellä taas odottaa. Mitä vielä? Kylmä henkäys tuhahtaa kasvoille kun avaan oven ja siellä takana seisookin vanha rouva talvi valkoisen tukkansa kanssa.
"Luulitkos pääseväsi minusta noin vaan eroon? Katso olen peittänyt kevätlapsen lahjat."
"Hyi sinua ilkeä vanha akka. Odottelin sinua kovasti jouluna. Tulitkos silloin? Etpä tullut. Nyt ei sinua enää kaivata."
"Vai ei. Kysypä vaan koiriltasi. En minä hevillä aio lähteä."

Next morning:
Knock knock knock.
I rushed to the door thinking the delightful spring child would be behind the door again. But what? A cold blast hits my face as I open the door and see old mrs Winter with her white hair standing outside.
"Did you think you could get rid of me that easy? Look I have covered over the gifts from spring child."
"Shame on you you nasty old hag. I waited so for you at Christmas. Did you come then? Oh no. Now you are not welcome anymore."
"Am I not. Why don't you ask your dogs. I will not be going out without a struggle."

Ja niin se vanha talven akka peitti kevätlapsen lahjat ja paljon muutakin ... And so the old winter woman covered over the spring child's gifts and many other things too

Koirieni mielipidettä en kysynyt. Se tuli selväksi muutenkin ... I never asked the dogs about their opinion. It was made quite clear without asking.