18 Apr 2009

Keväthullut ... Spring mad

Aattelinpa että nämäkin kuuluvat toistuviin teemoihini mutta laitoin ne nyt erikseen.

I thought that these too belong to my reocurring themes but decided to post them separately.

If you are interested in what Helsinki is like then you are welcome to view my new blog Helsinki Daily


Pacey said...

Hi Tarolino, this is just a quick visit. I'll read about the challenge when I get back.

BTW, about the pre-sked post. All you have to do is you click the POST OPTIONS below the box when you are creating a post and by clicking it, you'll see the date and time (right side) when you want it posted. Hope you'll enjoy my next few posts.


storyteller said...

Wonderful to see fur friends playing together happily! My Molly would love to join the fun ;--)
Hugs and blessings,


Ser ut til at dine firbente venner har det utmerket! Likte godt tittelen; spring mad.....da flirte jeg godt her! Det gjorde Asterix også! :) Han er litt slik om dagen han også!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

The grass is in great shape for passing through the winter!

Love all the bits of grass all over the black dog. ;-) He/she was having tons of fun!

Judy said...

They are having so much fun! Are they happy to have you all to themselves again, after looking after the other two dogs? I especially like the photo of Luca!
I am feeling a lot better. Today, I was walking at my normal speed, rather than dragging along!

Carrizo said...

The first one is cool shot.