14 Apr 2009

Awarding awards

I got a new award again from Norway this time. A big thankyou goes to Valkyrien, who's own blog is most enjoyable and photographs are of professional standard.

This award I want to forward to:

HPY - excellent photography and blogging in four languages

The wanderings of a Georgia depressionist - beautiful wildlife photography

Scotty Graham's photo blog - totally in a class of his own

Lilac Gate - a great love for nature and beautifully detailed photography

Zilga - an artist of great dimensions


Further on I want to pass this award received from Pacey


Periferialife - lovely and warm hearted descriptions of country living

Ida's little corner of the world - innovative photography and a very sweet personality

The Rocky Mountain retreat - an exceptionally brave woman with an amazing artistic talent

Kastanjetti - beautifully written and with enchanting photos


Finally I want to pass on an award of my own to a few very talented bloggers that have a great eye for photography and /or writing:

This award goes to:

Today's Blah - always nice pictures and a lot of variation of motives as well as a warmhearted sense of humour accompaning each post

Valkyrien - she's just a very talented lady and then she's funny too

Hullukaalisalaattia - simply outstanding photography and a very up to date record of everything that's going on in nature

Finnish Churches - a great photographic and written record of churches in Finland and written in several languages

Drammen daily photo - talented talented talented

Now and then - Enjoyable photography through and through


I don't want to make any rules as of how many (if any at all) bloggers the awards must be passed on to. That is totally up to each of the receivers. I give the last one in particular as a personal one as that one I made myself.

Hopefully these awards will be well received and enjoyed by those who are nominated.


hpy said...

I wasn't here, yet!

Tarolino said...

You can come now :)

hpy said...

Having been officially informed about the award I come back to say THANK YOU! Thank you very much for this tremendous honour! I'll celebrate it with a glass of wine!

Inkivääri said...

Hurjan paljon kiitoksia sinulle tunnustuksesta - itse olet ansainnut jokaisen näistä:)

Zilga said...

Kiitos Tarolino! Minun on häpeäkseni tunnustettava, että kielitaitoni ei riitä, joten joudut suomentamaan tekstin minulle :(
Haasteen otan muuten mielihyvin vastaan.

Monipuolinen kuvasarja odotteli taas katsojaa. Meilläkin on ollut jo Mustarastas ja Peippo, Joutsenia ja Kurkia. Muita muuttajia en ole vielä havainnut.

Hullukaali said...

Kiitoksia kovasti tunnustuksesta.

Paljon lintuja sinäkin olit tuossa edellisessä postauksessa kuvannut, mutta kyllä söpö kurre vei silti voiton :).

Ida said...

Congratulations to you - and thank you VERY MUCH for thinking of me, and for the most kind words. :)
I am very grateful! :)))


Næmmen - blir jo helt satt ut av alt det fine du skriver! Tusen masse takk Tarolino - og særlig fordi den er din personlige award! Den ble jeg ekstra glad for! Tror jammen jeg skal ta meg et glass rødvin jeg også!

Ha en flott kveld fortsatt - det er så hyggelig å ha fått kontakt med deg i denne bloggverdenen! Og jeg må jo få si at mye av det du sier om andre her, kan du returnere til deg selv! :))

PSYL said...

Wow! My first award, and it's an honor, especially it's given by you (since you have a beautiful blog yourself).

Thank you for the award, and I will keep on doing what I do that makes it so "hot".

Mary Elizabeth said...

Thank you for this award, I am very happy for it. And thanks for passing by I do appreciate it.
I enjoy your blogs as, congrats for your awards too well deserve.

Mary ElizabethBlog.

RuneK said...

Thanks for the Award, it was very nice Tarolino :)

Pacey said...

Am very much flattered with all the description you've written here. That's heart fattening, LoL. I think I will have to think of another award that just fits for you too! Thank you very very much.

Michele said...

Well, it's about time you were recognized for your amazing talent with all these wonderful awards. You do have such talent and skill, I can see you with many more little awards coming your way!!!

I thank you, my friend, for the award. You are very kind in your actions and words!