9 Apr 2009

Happy Day

Pacey, that ever ingenious photographer of Today's Blah has again spoilt me rotten with this lovely new award.

This makes for a happy day.

I will take some time to think about who I want to forward it to as I'm going away tomorrow. In fact I already have a few in mind but that'll have to wait.

I have another award of my own to pass on as well and can then do that in the same breath. I would not want to exclude all the clever and talented men bloggers either but they cannot be part of the sisterhood.

If you are interested in what Helsinki is like then you are welcome to view my new blog Helsinki Daily


hpy said...

Congratulations! I'll go and have a look a Today's Blah immediately!

Ida said...

Gratulerer til deg, og god tur i morgen. :)