10 Mar 2009

Watery Wednesday N:o 26 - riverscapes

Thanks to 2sweetnsaxy for this lovely and moist Wednesday meme. Join in the fun by clicking on the icon below:

As the winter holds us firmly in its grip the only places to find flowing water is in the rivers and even there on the streamy places only, that is apart from the water tap at home :)

Partly frozen but still not completely

A choice of standing or floating

Like frozen Waterlily leaves but really they are just ice through and through

A streamy bit were the rocks all have snow caps on

On the other side it flows into a pond

It still flows and splashes around the icy bits

and around the frozen rocks


shaker said...

Looks better with a little sun !

Gill - That British Woman said...

those Water Lily leaves are so neat!!!

Gill in Canada

Photo Cache said...

very impressive collection of shots. i'm envious of your winter wonderland landscape.

mine are here:


one buddhess said...

They are excellent shots, I love that circles just like the waterlillies. Your photos here are magnificent. Thanks for the visit.

Judy said...

I have been negligent and not visiting you!! I love these photos of the stream!! My favourite is the macro, where the splashes are captured in mid-splash! The waterlily ice pads are most likely overtop of some rocks, if I remember rightly from the ice photos I was doing last fall.

Bryan said...

Nice photos! The ice lilies certainly are an interesting formation.

Missy said...

Beautiful shots, very much like a fairytale! Love the lily pads! And as cold as it looks, it seems very refreshing!


Du for noen vakre bilder! De "vannliljene" er jo helt underlige, da måtte jeg se 3 ganger! Is og snø skaper de merkeligste formasjoner, og selvom jeg nå lengter etter solen så har vinteren sin skjønnhet. Ingen tvil om det! Om jeg hadde flyttet til et land uten vinter slik vi har det, ville jeg nok savnet den ja! Ihvertfall når den ser ut som på bildene dine!

Lilli & Nevada said...

oh gosh this is so beautiful

Carletta said...

Such lovely, lovely images!
I think the little duck is probably saying I need to go but I don't want to sit in that water. :)
The frozen 'water lilies' is awesome.

My post is on my photoblog: Carletta’s Captures.

Baruch said...

Great photos - thank for sharing and thank you for your kind comment on my blog. Point of note - the lad that one the sheep shearing competition is not the one on the photo :)

The Right Blue said...

You did well to find so many nice waters to photograph. I love the ice water lilies.

chrome3d said...

Ilves-patsas on muuten Tapiolassa.

Michele said...

Oh my... these are such an amazing collection. The snow covered rocks are so pretty... they look like sugar dusted candy treats... very nice indeed!
Your photography is beautiful!
Mountain Retreat Photos

Bim said...

Beautiful photos - I love the ice lillies and ice mushrooms.

Linnea W said...

Wonderful scenes. Thanks so much for sharing your little corner of Finland with us. (My father was born in Helsinki!) I can't believe how long your winter lasts...you just keep getting more and more snow! But I'm sure spring and summer will reward you with great warmth and beauty. Enjoy WW.

marina said...

Awesome photos...I love them!!!!Are you a professional photographer?

Bryan said...

To answer your question, I used a small aperture (f/22.0) to soften the overall image. I got pretty lucky in that most of the rocks didn't have water flowing on them so they turned out sharp. Also, using that 5.0 second shutter speed ensured that the rocks were easily differentiated from the water. Really, I think I just got lucky. Anyway, thanks for visiting! I really like many of the photos on your blog. What kind of camera do you use?