4 Mar 2009

Watery Wednesday N:o 25 - all about ice while it still is there

Watery Wednesday is wonderful meme that concentrates on (you guessed it) water. Visit the site and join in or just go and admire other peoples watery areas.

A partly frozen bit of a brooke with reflections

Ice peaks over red moss on a rock wall resulting from a meltdown and refreezing

An ice peak in front of a rock cavity

A frozen 'water fall' and my dog Luca on top of it

Ice on buildings



At the moment the temperatures pendle on both sides of zero centigrades so the spring meltdown has slowly started.



Sant det du - og is er jo alltid artig å fotografere! Likte spesielt godt der hunden din er med; ser ut som et digert haigap som åpner seg under ham! Og så fine farger du har fått frem i kontrast på bildene; rødt og grønt sammen med dryppende store istapper - flott! Men så er jeg jo svak for is da......;)

Gunilla said...

Vilka fina bilder. mycket is och vatten.

Ha en fin vecka

Gunilla in Sweden

Linnea W said...

Wow! That is a lot of ice, but you did a wonderful job photographing it all! I love your dog! Thanks.

floreta said...

you take great icicle pictures!

sunnymama said...

Your ice pictures are amazing.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow. These are both beautiful and fascinating. I don't get to see icicles like this. Great shots!

George said...

I love the way you captured the reflection in your first photo -- it's absolutely gorgeous. The macros of the icicles are beautifully clear and detailed. This is a great post.

Carletta said...

These are wonderful!
I love the first one with it's dark water and the reflections.
The icicle in front of the rock cavity is gorgeous - very well captured!

simply divina said...

Wow! Your watery wednesday are so unique. I like the ice on the roof and frozen bit of a brooke, this is very cool. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing these beautiful WW.

Judy said...

I love all the icicle photos!! Especially the one with the red moss! I never knew it came in red!