30 Mar 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday N:o 12 - All the good things

When you think that the spring most definately is due
but the picture outside your windows just makes you feel blue
Then there's surely but only one thing to do
Surround yourself with colour that'll chase away the gloom

Capsicums will do
Healthy they are too

Just a little treat
A mouthwatering sweet

Last years Mother's day lily has got flowers
That alone has pretty fine mental healing powers

Bright and beautiful spring flowers in people's kitchens
Chase away the blues from their unspringlike existens

The sight and tender scent of the layered rose
Fits in your vision and right under your nose

If that's not enough, then what more can I say
Some amusement can be had also from picture play

Now you go and chase away the blues by visiting the below site, which is hosted by Drowsey Monkey


prkl said...

Herkullisia keltaisia, varsinkin nuo Englannin lakut, nam! Paprikat myös, se suokkari kuvista. Hieman muovisen oloisia. Vaikutelma johtunee heijastuksista ja "atso"väreistä. Söisin kyllä molempia. Törmäillään taas!

storyteller said...

Wonderful Mellow Yellow photographs for today.
Hugs and blessings,

Tink *~*~* said...

Love the peppers - who wants to eat them when they are so pretty and decorative? ;)

Tink *~*~*
Colorful birds from Orlando, Florida

Ida said...

Fargerike gleder, på flere måter.
MMMMMMMMM....! :)))

☆Willa☆ said...

wonderful sets of yellow and i love the flowers the most!
My MellowYellow

Blue Eyed Tango said...

I love the rose with the yellow inside! Beautiful and fun post!

Nukke said...

Kauniita keltaisia kuvia. Suosikkini on paprikat :)

Carletta said...

Wow - some beautiful shots today!
The pepper shot was unexpected and clever. I love all the flower shots but that last rose is stunning!


Her var det jammen litt for enhver, både for gane, nese og øyne! Sterke fine farger, og det er jo vakkert på grønnsaker og blomster! Og så fikser du litt ekstra med fotomanipulering - det er kjempegøy det! Kan sitte i flere timer med det jeg - men resultatet er jo så ymse.....

Anonymous said...

Oi, joi - kyllä auttaa sumuisen sateista,
lumisateista maanantai iltaa piristämään, kiitokset!

Thank you for your cheerful post!

George said...

What beautiful pictures and what nice rhyme. Your picture of the peppers is absolutely beautiful.

Carrizo said...


Those photos from flowers are gorgeus! Nice colors.

hpy said...

Noista kuvista valitsisin ensimmaisen ja popsisin sen kokonaan. Herkullista.

Judy said...

I love the peppers!! They look so crisp and inviting!

hejoko said...

Herkullisia värejä. Tuosta voisi syödä suihinsa nuo kukatkin:)