15 Mar 2009

Sunday Scenery - landscapes

I tend to like photographing watery motives even if they still are frozen to a great extenct over here in Finland. This time I thought that I would concentrate on dry land instead. Standing on a high hill I was taking pictures of a valley below that is situated in the outskirts of Siuntio, a small town west of Helsinki, and the hills rising up on the opposite side.

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I always think that b&w images have their very own feel about them so one of the images I took in monochrome.


Thankyou to Tarheel Ramblings for this delightful meme.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful - if cold. Trouble with snow here is that nobody knoes how to live withit. I think you need to grow up with it.

Greyscale Territory said...

These landscapes are so stunning. I agree about the special atmosphere created by a black and white landscape!

Michele said...

I have always had a special spot for the B & W as they just seem to enhance nooks and crannies that we just don't see with color and this one worked just perfectly!

It is amazing how your landscape area looks so much of my area in Canada... truly a special place... looks just about as cold and snowy too!

Beautiful photos!

Take care!
Mountain Retreat Photos

Linda said...

I think I like that very first picture the best due to the bare trees and their interesting branches. There's just something about tree limbs reaching towards the sky like bony fingers that I find fascinating.

Have a great Sunday!

Sreisaat said...

My, what a beautiful view! This is far, far, different from where I am now *lol*

Inside Cambodia

Today's Blah... said...

They are all excellent shots Tarolino, never fails us. I love them all!!!!

George said...

Beautiful pictures of your snowy landscape. The black and white picture is gorgeous.

Tarheel Rambler said...

I love the gnarled old tree is the first photograph. It is a beautiful view. All of the scenes are wonderful views of winter.

Flo said...

Beautiful photos. I love the B&W too. I've been taken a lot of them lately because they do give a picture a whole different feel.

Mine is up over at Flo's Place

Carrizo said...


Number one is the best. Really nice photos.

Judy said...

the pines in the foreground of the first photo are so gnarled, they look tortured!!
and the birches further along look to have some colour coming in their branches!!

Ankia said...

Todella upeita kuvia.