8 Mar 2009

Sunday Scenery - Icy isolation

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As you can see, while for some the first crocuses are already blooming, for others the winter still holds on to its grip. Still, I don't mind as long as there's light and the sun is shining. Neither does my dog Luca in the picture.
The pictures are from a seaside place called Kopparnas in southern Finland about 45 km west of Helsinki. I quite often like to go there.



For noen utrolig flotte bilder! Forstår godt at du liker å gå tur der, både ro og liv i bildene! Har du brukt det nye objektivet ditt på noen av disse?

Nr. 2 er bare helt nydelig, i både komposisjon og farger. Det er et blinkskudd! Du så vakker vinteren kan være!

Gratulerer med dagen i dag, min venn!

Michele said...

Gosh, these are beautiful!!!
I love the shadows created by the rocks and the blues and greys in the sky and snow... such a wonderful winter landscape.
It does look chilly. You have captured it so well.
I keep thinking a polar bear should be coming into view any moment! =)

Mountain Retreat Photography

Tammie Lee said...

You have some amazing winter images here!

The second and fourth one really touch me.

Carrizo said...


The first photo is bringing to my mind how Greenland should be like.

The secong photo is the best absolutely!!!

Inkivääri said...

Ihania jäämaisemia, kuvissasi on hienoa syvyyttä.

Judy said...

I like the second photo, with the rocky outcrop and the trees, and the third photo, which shows the texture of the snow, and the shadows caused by the irregularities in the way it has settled.
Wonderful scenerry!!