14 Mar 2009

Taitaa se kevät tulla sittenkin ... I think the spring might be arriving

Kävelytiellä lumi on tänään sulannut vauhdilla ... On the walkway the snow has today melted with speed

Näin se rantajääkin sulaa ... This is how the shoreline ice is melting

Jossakin rantakivet ovat jo esillä ... Somewhere the beach cobbles have been exposed


George said...

I'm glad your weather is warming, but it looks as if you still have plenty of snow on the ground. I really like your collages!

Gennaro said...

Beautiful photographs. Love landscapes.

Carrizo said...

I likethat the photo from the village road.

Judy said...

so glad spring is coming for you, too! i love the colour of the rock in the bottom left corner!! i would have to bring it home!!