5 Feb 2009

Sky Watch Friday N:o 30 - Blessed with sunshine

I have been so busy with my study work lately that I have had no time to participate in any memes. Even today I can only post my entry and have to leave the splashing through other participants entries until tomorrow having just got the last urgent assignment e-mailed to my tutor.

As the header claims we have had some rather nice days even if today was as dull as before.

Here is a series of images taken during different times of day and I have been naughty and pointed the camera towards the sun too. Just could not resist it after such a long and grey period. The camera is still working fine though :)



Early afternoon with long shadows

Slightly later out on the sea ice

Same time and frosted trees plus a new moon

Late afternoon and clouds on the sky

Dusk and clear again. Venus as a tiny prick in the sky is blinking to me as well (and to you).

Please do visit sky watch friday to see some spectacular skies around the world:


Namnet said...

I envy you such wonderful weather a bit:-) Your sky is so clear and huge. Beautiful.
I especially like the poetic snow-and-moon photo and the last one with the Venus. Charming.
Happy skywatching, and hope you are going to have more free time soon:-)

Lindab said...

What a beautiful dawn to dusk series. I love the variety of tracks in the snow - some of them look rather huge!

Mojo said...

That final shot at dusk needs to be in a gallery. Seriously. I mean people pay folding money for such work! Spectacular!


Utrolig fine bilder av en vakker vinterdag! Falt veldig for det første og siste, alldeles nydelige farger! Men bildet med "kirsebærene" frosset fast duvende utover vannet var et morsomt innslag!

Guy D said...

Magnificent skywatch shots, and the Celine dion music to go with it is very peaceful, Thanks.

Regina In Pictures

George said...

Thank you for sharing your day with us in these great photos. I especially like the new moon in the blue sky and the picture of Venus in the sunset. Very well done!

John said...

Meget flott rekke med bilder. Det siste er min favoritt. Det var meget flott. :)

Babooshka said...

These are all so wonderful and each one so different. I could not possibly pick a favourite.

Lene said...

Great photos from my greate grandparents homeland :)

Kallen305 said...

Simply wonderful shots. The last one is stunning!

chrome3d said...

Venus tuikkii illalla kauniisti ja se oli minusta hieno lopetus tälle talviselle sarjalle.

Inkivääri said...

Upeita kuvia kaikki - kylläpä teillä onkin ollut kirkkaita ja kuulaitakin päiviä siellä! Mukavasti eri vuorokauden aikoja olet kerännyt ja jokainen on omalla tavallaan kaunis.

*Niina* said...

Heipparallaa! Viimeinen valokuva on todella ihana! Värit ovat kauniit ja vaikka varmasti on talvi-pakkanen niin kuva tuntuu lämpimältä.

Rune said...

Beautiful photos you got here, happy skywatch and weekend :o)

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful collection of wintery photos for sky watch friday, thanks for sharing these pretty views with us.

Michele said...

OH such a beautiful series of pictures... I think they are so perfect. I especially like the foot prints in the snow... that one is OUTSTANDING!!!

alicesg said...

Very beautiful series of photos for SWF. Love them all, the skies are so colourful and magical. Have a nice weekend.

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

What a great series. I like the all day idea. The sea shot is my favorite I think.

Linnea W said...

You've taken some gorgeous SWF shots in spite of your busy schedule. Your hometown is so picturesque even in the dead of winter. I really like the pic with the long shadows from the trees. Looks like you got out quite a bit yesterday! Enjoy the weekend.

Lene said...

Beautiful landscapes and greate skyes too. Love the colors :)

Happy weekend :)

P-TER said...

I enjoy your pictures,
you live in a wonderful world!
Great shots.
Have a nice weekend.

Carrizo said...

Hi Tarolino.

My favorite photo is "Midday". Beautiful photo from beautiful place.