8 Feb 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday N:o 5

Last week I was overworked with my study assignments and they are not done with yet but the urgent ones are now sent in, thank god. Thus I had no time for any fun, like this MYM meme for example. Still I've got no lack of yellow subjects and I decided to go with a bit of a theme, which will continue the same way for a few times to come.
I shall post pictures of a yellow sign, a yellow vehicle, something yellow indoors and a yellow house.

So here my mellow friends is the first one of five to come:

This sign indicates a rescue route to a housing complex, not to be blocked by parked cars

A rather brightly coloured little car. I thought it was cute.

The walls in my mum's kitchen are yellow and this is an Ivy plant that she has by the window

Here we have a slightly strange combination of a creamy coloured house with yellow corners

Yellow is mellow so be a good fellow and join in...


Linnea W said...

Those are fun MYM shots. I think that first one is a little confusing...I never would have guessed that that is what it means, but I don't read Finnish either! I love that house - really beautiful. Looks like you still have lots of snow. Oh my. Enjoy the day.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Beautiful photos as always! I love that little car!! I would look cute in there, lol.

joulutar said...

Hei, minulla on sulle oikein timantti blogissani! Käy tallettamassa, ansaitset sen!

Carrizo said...

"Safety routes" must be cleared!!!

Minulle aihe on läheinen, kun ollessani työelämässä olin turvallisuudenkin kanssa tekemisissä.