22 Feb 2009

Sunday Scenery - A new meme again

Through a blog called The Rocky Mountain Retreat held by Michele (a professional and exceptionally skillful nature photographer) I stumbled upon this latest meme. As it is held on a Sunday, which ordinarily is the day of leasure for me, I thought of participating.
Having said that the scenery around where I live cannot in any way or form compete with the grandiour of the Rockies and my photographic skill is still just in its childhood having got a proper camera only resently.
Still that is probably not the core issue of this meme but rather the participating and possibility to visit other beauty spots in the world, whether it be beautiful arcitecture or the joy of the surrounding nature, while sitting at home by the laptop.

Here we have a shot I took yesterday while visiting the Porkkala peninsula in southern Finland with my dogs and a good friend accompanied with her dog. It is taken from the mainland over the sea ice towards some islands. The finnish archipelago is littered with islands of all shapes and sizes and the coastline is ripe with shallow, reed covered bays. Often these islands have granite rock cliffs dropping into the sea and are forest covered in the middle.

In the foreground we have a tuft of heather from which the sun has melted the snow away even if the surrounding temperature still is slightly freezing (-3 centigrades). We are still very much having winter but the sun already starts to warm up the air.

This second shot is from the same place but directed over one of these bays towards another tongue of mainland stretching out into the sea.


This meme is hosted by Tarheel Ramblings


chrome3d said...

Kovin kauniisti se lumi peitti nuo kalliot.

Anonymous said...

You may be a beginner but there is nothing wrong with your photography.
You must be surrounded by glorious scenery.

Tarheel Rambler said...

You may be a beginner, but your photography is wonderful. One thing I've learned is that great pictures are as much about having any eye for composing the shot as it is the technical skill to capture it. You obviously have the eye, and even if the camera does most of the work you've captured some beautiful scenes. Thanks for participating in Sunday Scenery this week.

Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

Beautiful photos...
looks just as cold as my home right now!

Michele said...

You are too kind with your words but it is I that look towards your photos for a lot of inspiration as well,my friend!
You have such a knack with landscape photography and your love of nature is outstanding!
Keep up the good work!


Chriss said...

Very beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

I happen to think your scenery is just as beautiful as anywhere else! It's so mystical, I love it and your photos are gorgeous!
Welcome to Sunday Scenery!
PS, where are the dogs? Hehe ;D

George said...

These pictures are VERY scenic. This is a great first post on this meme.

Carrizo said...

If Porkkala is so beautiful in winter, how beautiful it is in summer.

I enjoyed Your photos.