29 Jan 2009

Kevään merkkejäkö ... Signs of spring?

Tässä on kuvasarja, joka antaa lupauksen siitä, että uusi kevät on tulollaan.

Here is a series of shots that do give a promise of the approaching spring.

Osman käämit vapauttavat siemenensä ... Bullrushes are dispursing their seeds

Nämä pajunkissat pitäisi kyllä vielä pysyä kuoressaan ... These catkins should in fairness still stay in their sheltering cover
Lepän hedekukinnot alkavat punertaa ... The male inflorescences of the Alder tree are starting to turn red

Also the bark of some shrubs are starting to turn into different colours as in the pictures below. Trees (especially) Birches get more colour in their upper thin branches too in spring. A certain dark purple tone is common for the top branch network of Birch trees and it has already started to happen but isn't strong enough yet to capture with a camera.

Oranssiin vivahtavaa ... Orange tones

Viininpunaista ... Wine red

Punaoksat lähikuvassa ... The red branches in close up

En ikävä kyllä tiedä kumpienkaan pensaiden nimiä mutta saattavat kuulua pajuperheeseen ... Unfortunately I don't know the names of either of these shrubs but they might belong to the Willow family


Mamapippa said...

I will welcome spring with a big hug !

Anne-Sophie said...

Lovely photos showing signs og spring. I really liked the catkins and the one with red branches.
Have a nice weekend!

George said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful signs of approaching spring!

Skies said...

I like the wine and orange colors of these birch trees...Happy blogging!

tanssiva harmaa pantteri said...

Luonnossa on värejä. Harmaudessa en erottuvat selvemmin kuin kevään ja kesän värikirjossa.

vapulis said...

Ihania nuo pajunkissakuvat!

Judy said...

pussywillows!! i wanted to jump up and down in excitement, but that would have disturbed the cat...
i am totally blown away with that first shot of the cattail!!