16 Jan 2009

Watery Wednesday N:o 18

I am a bit late this time but better late than never...
Life has been a bit hectic so some things have to go. Still it's Friday night and there's two lovely days off ahead. A lovely long sleep tomorrow morning. So staying up late and catching up isn't a problem.

As there has been little interest waterwise to photograph due to dull and grey wheather I've opted for some other watery motives than the actual water itself.

To start with ... someone dropped a dolphin on the ice...


... and he broke his way free.


Later a group of swans posed for me as I was killing time between appointments and headed with my camera to the beach to have something to do.

These were a group of 1,5 year old siblings I think. Too young to have formed pairs yet.



Here is a bit of sibling rivalry, me thinks

Ta daa...watch out!

The resident he-man is approaching leaving his beloved a bit behind.

Having chased the sibling group on their way...

... he could concentrate on what was essential, ie. feeding.

Hope you liked my zoological post and find time to leave me your comments. I shall certainly enjoy wading through your watery bits and pieces.

For lots of lovely water images around Tellus why not consult the following meme site:



Mojo said...

All wonderful photos, but I love the first one. The trapped bubbles in the ice give it a jewel-like look that holds the eye.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow! These are great! Thank you for sharing them. I think my favorite is that first one too. It does look like a dolphin!

Rob Ripma said...

Beautiful photos!

Inkivääri said...

OI kuinka kauniita joutsenkuvia!

Carrizo said...


I liked Your winter photos. It is amazing that You got so goooood photos from our "dull" winter.


Judy said...

I like the story of the dolphin dropped in the ice! Glad I am not the only one to make up stories like that!
And the swans! They are so regal! Here, they are penned and kept overwinter, as everything freezes too hard for them to be left outdoors.