28 Jan 2009

Watery Wednesday N:o 20

Even if snow and ice is the main picture over here at the moment there still is some places where the water flows freely. Lucky for some.

A picture story of one of our outings with the double trouble duo (only joking).

We came across a lonely cygnet...

Who comes and disturbs my peace?

Damn those humans. They have to come and trample all over the place.

What does my right eye see? More intruders!

Yummy! A big, fat bird steak swimming around.
Hey there! You ugly hairy thing on sticks!

Here is how I'm gonna scare you away.

In your dreams. I don't scare that easy.

Hey sis! What's going on here?
Look bruv, there's a fat steak swimming around.
I am not a steak you silly mutt. I am a majestic swan and I am dangerous too.

Ha! Like I would be frightened of a floating steak.
You will be!!!

Oops! Oh no I slipped.

Heeelp! I am slipping between the stones. Get me out of here!
Not so brave now, eh! Hiss hiss.

So the cygnet rules supreme once more over his rocky shore in the channel.

I wasn't scared. Honest! I just couldn't be bothered anymore.
Yup, yup! Of course you weren't my dear. Braveheart is your middle name.

So endeth this true story of an episode in a dog's life.

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Mojo said...

Hugely amusing, mainly because I know soooo many dogs just like that!

Thanks for the laugh!

ViennaDaily said...

ahahaa curious? or just being friendly? Great posts!

Tarolino said...

I'm sorry to say that neither is strictly speaking true. Don't think there were many exactly friendly thoughts going through Ljuba's head at that moment :)

You're welcome Mojo and thanks for your comment.

Judy said...

Lovely story, and oh, so true! I have never seen a brown cygnet before. Only grey ones. I will guess that it is a different species.


This was an amusing story - both in words and pictures! My dog would hide behind my legs.....:)
And swans are such majestic birds!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I LOVED this! The photos and the words are very entertaining!

Norm said...

what a wonderful story, all series of pictures are beautiful..

2sweetnsaxy said...

What a great post! I think it's pretty amazing that bird still sat there. Most of the water birds where I visit swim away from the edge the minute they even think something or someone is approaching. Great shots!

George said...

I WAS amused. Thanks for a wonderful post.

Villas Girl said...

This was wonderful. I enjoyed the story along with the photos. Entertaining.