31 Jan 2009

Sky Watch Friday N:o 29 - From Russia with love

Should you wonder about the title this week it has a reason and it is...

Tonight after work I was very tired due to a couple of nights partial insomnia. After having walked and fed the dogs and a few household chores I crashed on the sofa in front of the telly. Next thing I know is I come to life with my head on the cushions to a familiar tune. Dum dum du du dum dum dum. Dum dum du du dum dum dum. Taadaa tadaa. The Bond film 'From Russia with love' with the still one and only Sean Connery was just starting. This made me think of my picture video of my lovely Ljuba, a russian rescue, with the same title.

The skies have been rather non descipt lately but tonigth it was clear and many stars were twinkling above. This is due to winds from the east, ie. Russia, bringing colder and clearer wheather in their toll.

So the title has a double meaning.

There is a few sky shots this week too but I felt it would be nice to post a video as well this week. Even if it does feature my rescue girl it has a few glimpsies of sky in the background, so it's not completely unapropriate for this meme either.

First to a few moods from the past week.

Very, very grey even with lighter stripe at the tree line. Here is a channel between islands and there ususally is a bit of a stream and constant under current. Due to this the water is not frozen all over. I took the shot standing on a bridge.

Still grey but slightly brighter. A hooded crow is parching on one of the birch tree branches.

A blue(ish) moment

The wind makes a tear in the clouds for a little while.

Yesterday the sky at dusk took on a nice pink tone

Then to the main reason for this week's title:

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Louise said...

All are nice.

George said...

What a wonderful post (including the video). Hopefully you will have brighter skies in the week ahead.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

arka elokuvat. nurmettua ainoa on minun edistää

Linnea W said...

Your photos are so very tranquil in spite of the chilly wintery scenes. Your composition in all of them is very beautiful. I can tell how much your beloved dog means to you too. It looks like she keeps you very busy and gets you out and about in nature a lot. How fun. Thanks for sharing.

Carletta said...

These are all beautiful but I love the first and fourth ones. The first for the landscape and teh fourth for the perspective through the grasses. Lovely.

Thanks for visiting my snowy skies.

Mojo said...

You captured exactly how I feel about my Tonka in your video. He's my co-pilot, my companion and my security guard. And the best friend I will ever have.

Ruth said...

I like the pastel hues you captured with the grey colours. Aren't dogs the best pets?!

tanssiva harmaa pantteri said...

Kauniita ovat taivaskuvasi jälleen. Olet nähnyt noin kauniin ruskotuksenkin - minä en ole nähnyt vielä.

chrome3d said...

Joskus aamulla ja illalla pilvimassa värjäytyy hieman punaiseksi ja antaa lupauksia tulevasta päivästä, jotka ei toteudu juuri koskaan.

Kaunis koira-video.

Carrizo said...


So nice photos and the story. I liked specially:

"sky at dusk took on a nice pink tone".

Lluba is very attractive dog, excellent video!!!


John said...

Meget fin bilde serie.
Ha en fin helg.

Judy said...

that first photo is superb!! a hint of colour in the sky, and reflections of the trees in the still water!!!
i enjoyed the video, too = i watched it twice, looking at ljuba's eyes the second time - an unusual shade of red-brown!!
our pets keep us sane!

Dewdrop said...

Beautiful skies... looks so monochramatic, the sky as white as the ground. If not for the trees, it would be hard to know where one stops and the other begins. Wonderful collection.

unelmikko said...

Kauniita ovat kuvasi taas. Verkkoaita ihan erilainen ja ihastuttava, samoin iltarusko valkoisen lumisen kumpareen takana sekä kaislakuva, ne on lemppareita, mutta yksi on aina edellä muita, tuo koirukuva.

Tarolino said...

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment. Especially thanks to you who watched the video and commented on that. This dog (who was homeless and strolling the streets of Russia and came to me through a finnish rescue agency) is just so special to me and yes her eyes have the colour of amber.

Sharon said...

Beautiful photos & extraordinary dog:)

fishing guy said...

Tarilino: What wonderful captures for SWF, Those are neat captures.