16 Jun 2009

Pikavisiitti/eläinvauvoja osa I ... French visit/animal babies part I

En ole tekemässä mitään suurempaa paluuta blogimaailmaan mutta ajattelinpa julkaista muutamia söpöjä kuvia luonnon lastentarhasta kuitenkin.

Not planning any kind of major comeback to the blog world yet but thought I would publisize a few cute pictures from nature's cresh anyway.
Pieni rusakkovauva ... A little brown hare baby

Mmmm kuinka hyvälle kukat tuoksuukin .... Mmmm how nice the flowers smell

Ruohonkorsi suupielessä ... Grass straw in the corner of the mouth

Kukkatutti pupunen ... Flower dummy bunny

Olen piilossa, luulen ... I am hidden, I think


Mary Elizabeth said...

Nice reading you.
Great photos! You capture the anticipation of grabbing the flowers wonderfully!
Now and Then

Judy said...

Gorgeous photos!! Cute little bunny!Hope you are getting the rest you need! I think of you every day.
Story to make you laugh - daughter's cat is learning to play fetch, and has added jumping to the activity. He can jump about chest high, to catch the ball in mid air!

Inkivääri said...

Ihania pupusia ja upeat kuvat niistä:)

chrome3d said...

Söpö pupu ja tekstit oli aika hassuja. Flower dummy bunny...

unhpy said...

Vackra foton av haren.

George said...

The pictures of bunny are very cute and very good. I especially like the Flower dummy bunny.

Pacey said...

My dear girl would so love to keep him hahahah...so cute and loveable. Great photos as always.