26 Jun 2009

Sky Watch Friday N:o 50 - Summer skies

Sky Watch Friday is a very popular meme that is hosted by Klaus, Ivar, Sandy, Louise, Wren and Fishing Guy. To view some wonderful skies or participate in the meme just click on the above banner.

Perhaps it isn't such a good idea to participate now as I'm off to the cottage and cannot comment on other entries but I guess I can do so when I'm popping back to town from time to time. So I'm doing it anyway.

Summer sky over the tree tops

Drive by photo over some fields and there's thunder in the air.

View over the bay at our cottage

A trip to the seaside with Ljuba

Here's whishing all of you a great weekend and great skies over your heads.


Ida said...

Hei, og takk for gode ord på min blogg for noen dager siden.
verdsetter det, skal du vite. :)

Flott serie dette.
Fine bilder, hvert eneste ett.
Likte spesielt godt det første.
Det er vakkert.
Som et akvarellmaleri. :)

Ønsker deg en riktig god helg, der du er.
Klem fra meg.

MsRay said...

Looks so serene and peaceful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful shots.

Hilda said...

All of your photos are wonderful! But I love the first one because the clouds remind me of sand ripples. Ripples in the sky!
Happy Sky Watch Friday!

Debbie @Like a Rose said...

Great photos! I particularly like the first one with all the verticals.

Babooshka said...

Simply stunning

Linnea W said...

Wow! Those are terrific skies! Enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

Nice drive by shooting. :) Ja pikkuusen kivat maisemat mökilläsi. Nauti lomastasi, ehkä juuri pärjäät ilman nettiä.. ;)

Judy said...

I love the clouds in the first photo! I don't think I have ever seen that effect before!
And in the last photo, Ljuba has been swimming, and just come on land for a breather!!

Light and Voices said...

Ripples in the sky....how different is that? Totally kewel. However, all your photographs are wonderful.


For en deilig utsikt du har ved hytta di! Må være nydelig å kunne reise til et slikt sted i helgene. Og nydelige bilder derfra. Likte det første veldig godt, noe malerisk over det - som Ida sier!

Ha en fortsatt fin helg min venn - ser frem til flere innlegg fra deg etterhvert! :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

Fantastic photos and lovely sky!!!
Have a great weekend
Now and Then

Zilga said...

Ihania kesämaisemia. Ekakuvassa noita "pyykkilauta"pilviä.
Ljuba-kuvan vastavalo-asetelma antaa salaperäisen tunnelman kuvalle.

Pacey said...

Hello friend...how have you been doing? Just dropping by and appreciate the sky you had. Love that first shot of the strips of clouds. Wishing you have great days at the cottage! See yah around.

Linda said...

Hope you're enjoying your break at the cottage. That must be such a refreshing view.

Love your summer skies, especially the thundery one with the cow parsley.