11 Jul 2010

Heat struck?

Are you feeling hot and bothered? Would you just like to sit under a cold shower all day long? I would!

My friend Judy of Lilac Gate has come up with a brilliant remedy and I decided to follow suite. It allmost works :)

Do you feel cooler now?

Winter is a time for showing off! These doggy clothes are a hobby of mine.

Posing on the sea ice

This phenomena is what is called 'snow blindness'

Golden glow

Winter sunset

Snow dogs

A late afternoon in February

Snow lace

The sailing club hibernating in winter

Well, I hope you found some releaf from the heat at the moment through these wintery shots


Zilga said...

Hups!! Tämä osoite toi keskelle talvea. Viilensi heti oloa tällä helteellä.
Sinulla on nyt kolme koiraa, ne ovat kauniita kaikki. Minullakin on nyt kolme kissaa. Pennut ovat vuoden ikäiset sisarukset ja Nanni tietysti.

George said...

I do feel cooler. I really enjoyed the picture of your dogs in their colorful clothes, and the winter sunset is beautiful. Thanks for the relief.


Ja nå har jeg flira fælt! :))) Både av festlige hunder og morsomme hundeklær (kreativ du!) - og jammen minnsan tror jeg at jeg føler meg litt avkjølt! Men....jeg opplevde 31 kuldegrader i vinter, så jeg tror nesten jeg foretrekker de 25 varmegradene som er nå. Men nå er vi forskånet for den værste varmen her i Norge for tiden.

Nydelige de solnedgangsbildene. Vinteren kan gi oss et utrolig vakkert lys!

Ebie said...

I feel cooler too! Although we do not have the heat wave yet (high 80's).

You are so talented, I do not know how to crochet clothes. And those pajama prints for the doggies are so gorgeous!

I call your Finland, a paradise. The environment exudes beauty.

Michele J said...

Oooh yes, I wish for the cooler weather. It somewhat does make me feel a wee bit cooler. I have never been a warm weather person. It's Autumn and Winter seasons that work that best for me.

Beautiful photos. It is nice to come around here once again.

Hope all is well...

Judy said...

I love your winter photos!! You have made a lot of dog clothes! Now I feel bad that Jake only has two coats!! I should make him another before the snow flies again!
I think my favourite photo is that February sunset when the snow is all pink and blue!!!