26 Jul 2009

Kärpästen maailma ... The world of the flies

Nauti kesästä ... Enjoy the summer

Sillä se voi olla viimeinen kesäsi ... For it can be your last one

Kärpäsiäkin on monissa väreissä ... Flies too are found in many colours

Karvaisiakin on ... Others are quite hairy

Herkkä hetki ... A tender moment

Saarnaaja asento on pop kärpäsilläkin ... The preacher position is popular with flies too


Pacey said...

They really stand out from all those bright backgrounds. Am so happy to see your posts again. They've been missed a lot by many. Happy Weekend friend.

Ebie said...

Hello my friend, glad to see back showing off your great find and photography. Welcome back and hope to see more great finds from your summer house. See you around.

Tammie Lee said...

amazing macros! Absolutely amazing.


Judy said...

I am thinking maybe I do not need to see so many flies, but at the same time, the detail is simply amazing, and I cannot stop looking!

Linda said...

So beautiful - and so funny! The one in that last shot seems to be glaring at you and saying, 'do you mind??'.


Måtte smile da jeg så dette; vi er visst i samme modus, selvom du la inn disse igår! Flotte bilder - men bilde nr. 2 er virkelig et scoop! Har du sett, rene middagsfesten der jo!

Er litt i feriemodus om dagen. Blir ikke så mye blogging fra meg om noen dager. Vi drar antakelig en liten tur til Sverige, har en venninne som bor der. Så da får jeg kjenne på det å være uten internett tilgang! :)

Men veldig fint at du er litt tilbake. Du har vært savnet!

Ebie said...

Hi Tarolino, it is just so amazing how you develop a love for animals. Every time we go out on weekends, I always think about her. She is also my second alarm clock. I do not know if she can recognize our smell, but when I come home from work, she is already waiting for me by the window sill. More power to us all rescuers!

Michele- Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Oh wow.... what a sight to see such details on the common flies. One doesn't see this normally until you get up so close.
Great photos!!!!!
I hope you are doing well these days.

Ida said...

Great series!
Amazing and very clear photos.
Very good! :)))